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The Aquamentus is both an enemy included by default, and an enemy type selectable in the Enemy Editor.

The Enemy

In The Legend of Zelda, the Aquamentus is a dragon-like creature that appeared in Level 1 of the 1st quest and 2nd quest and other laters. He is notable as one of the easiest bosses and is frequently a level 1 boss in custom quests.

Specific Information

Enemy: Aquamentus
In The Legend of Zelda: Right: Yes
Left: No
Old Tiles: 226 - 229, 246 - 249
Width: 4
Height: 2
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: 7520 - 7635
Width: 8
Height: 6
Weapon: Fireball (Rising)
Type: Aquamentus
Old Tile Animation: Aquamentus
New Tile Animation Aquamentus
Item Set: Default
HP: 12
Damage: 4
Weapon Damage: 2
Hunger: N/A
Random Rate: N/A
Halt Rate: N/A
Homing Factor: N/A
Step Speed: N/A
CSet: ESP 0
Old Animation Frame Rate: N/A
New Animation Frame Rate: N/A
Enemy Class Attributes: Side:
Right: Right (Facing Left)
Left: Left (Facing Right)
Sound Effects: BG: 24- Roar (Aquamentus, Gleeok, Ganon)
Hit: 5- Boss is hit
Death: 15- Boss is hit
Misc Flags: Never Returns After Death
Defenses: Block: Boomerang, Hookshot
Ignore: Fire
Spawn Flags:
The boss of level 1 in The Legend of Zelda. It shoots 3 fireballs at once, in an arc. Its fireball can be blocked by the magic shield and reflected by the mirror shield, and it is vulnerable to most weapons. In the official Fourth Quest, this boss has more HP than in the other official quests or the default template, and is dark orange instead of bright green.


There are two varieties of Aquamentus: the left one and right one. The only difference between them is that the left one appears on the left side of the screen and faces the right, while the right one appears on the right side of the screen and faces the left.

Both types of Aquamentus will have their bottom tiles (their feet in most cases) appear vertically on the middle combo of the screen, as well as about four combos away from the side of the screen they were specified to be on. The Aquamentus will move left or right randomly, but never up and down. The Aquamentus, since he is mostly placed in dungeons where there are walls on two combos on the edge of the screen, can only move up to two combos away from the edge of the screen. This is not verified.

At random times, the Aquamentus will open his mouth. This means he is about to fire 3 fireballs which immediately spread over a small vertical distance and then all come at Link. In custom quests the graphic that is the cue for shooting fireballs can be different or nonexistent. Note that these fireballs are blockable by the magic shield, unlike many fireballs shot by bosses.

Enemy Properties

  • Side
Right (facing left)
Left (facing right)