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Dondongos are both specific enemies included by default, and an enemy type selectable in the Enemy Editor.

Specific Information

Enemies: Dodongo (NES) and Dodongo (BS Zelda)
In The Legend of Zelda: NES: Yes
BS: No
Old Tiles: 149-158 (NES)
6760-6835 (BS)
Width: 10 (NES)
16 (BS)
Height: 0 (NES)
4 (BS)
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: 6700-6740 (NES)
6760-6835 (BS)
Width: 16 (NES)
16 (BS)
Height: 3 (NES)
4 (BS)
Weapon: N/A
Type: Dodongo
Old Tile Animation: NES: Dodongo (NES)
BS: Dodongo BS 4-Frame
New Tile Animation NES: Dodongo (4-Frame)
BS: Dodongo BS 4-Frame
Item Set: Default
HP: 16
Damage: 4
Weapon Damage: N/A
Hunger: 0
Random Rate: 4
Halt Rate: 0
Homing Factor: 64
Step Speed: 50
CSet: 8 (NES)
ESP 2 (BS)
Old Animation Frame Rate: N/A
New Animation Frame Rate: N/A
Enemy Class Attributes: Type:
BS: BS Zelda
Sound Effects: BG: 8- Roar (Dodongo, Gohma)
Death: 15- Boss is hit
Misc Flags:
Defenses: N/A
Spawn Flags:
Dodongo is the boss of level 2 in the First Quest and the boss of levels 3 and 8 in the Second Quest. This enemy is immune to all weapons except bombs. To defeat it, feed it two normal bombs or one super bomb, or stun it with a bomb blast or quake hammer technique, then hit it with the sword while it's stunned. Killing it with a super bomb causes it to drop the super bomb that it ate, while killing it with the sword causes it to drop 4 normal bombs. The NES variety uses only 1 tile when moving vertically, while the BS variety (which originates from BS Zelda) uses 2 tiles (in height) when moving vertically.

Enemy Properties

  • Type: The overall behavior of the enemy; Note that this does not affect the vertical animation of the Dodongo.
NES: Recommended for the Dodongo (NES) and Dodongo (4-Frame) Animations.
BS Zelda: Recommended for the Dodongo BS (4-Frame) Animation