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Ganon is a room type, a specific enemy included by default, and an enemy type selectable in the Enemy Editor.

The Room Type

The Ganon room type initiates a specific sequence of events. Upon entering a room with the Ganon room type attribute set, the player character will immediately hold up the triforce sprite. If the Dark Room screen flag is checked, the room will be illuminated. At this point, the Ganon enemy will begin battling the player. Once this battle is over, the triforce item will be waiting for the player to pick up. Once this happens, all shutter doors in the room will open.

The Ganon Enemy

The Ganon enemy will begin battle by temporarily revealing itself. Afterward, it will become invisible and travel around the room, shooting fireballs that cannot be blocked by the magic shield. The player must hit Ganon with a sword until he appears stunned. At this point, only the silver arrow or golden arrow can kill him.

Ganon as a Selectable Enemy

Ganon cannot be placed on the screen via the enemy placement dialog. However, fatcatfan hacked an Unencoded Quest file to include a screen with ten Ganon enemies placed (and the normal Ganon Room type to get an eleventh Ganon). These enemies act normally, but there are several bugs present (after all, this was not intended to be possible).

  • The Ganon's will only work properly with the Enter from Sides enemy pattern.
  • Collecting the triforce from one of the Ganon's will kill the rest of them until you re-enter the screen.
  • Not all of the Ganon's will completely enter the screen in most cases.

Specific Information

Enemy: Ganon
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Old Tiles: 260-269 and 280-289
Width: 10
Height: 2
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: 2680-2735
Width: 16
Height: 2
Weapon: Fireball
Type: Ganon
Old Tile Animation: Ganon
New Tile Animation Ganon
Item Set: Triforce (Whole)
HP: 32
Damage: 16
Weapon Damage: 4
Hunger: 0
Random Rate: 5
Halt Rate: 0
Homing Factor: 72
Step Speed: 100
CSet: ESP 3; ESP4 (when stunned); ESP 5 (when killed)
Old Animation Frame Rate: N/A
New Animation Frame Rate: N/A
Enemy Class Attributes: None
Sound Effects: BG: 24- Roar (Aquamentus, Gleeok, Ganon)
Hit: 15- Boss is hit
Death: 15- Boss is hit
Misc Flags: Never Returns After Death
Defenses: N/A
Spawn Flags: Spawned by Ganon Room Type
Ganon/Ganondorf is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda Series. In The Legend of Zelda, he turns invisible after he appears, and you must repeatedly strike him with the sword until he appears stunned. From there, he can be destroyed with either the Silver Arrow or the Golden Arrow. In the official Fourth Quest, it originally took 16 hits with the Magic Sword (32 with the White Sword, and 64 with the Wooden Sword) to stun Ganon. Ganon's HP was reduced slightly as of build 1274.