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Moldorms are both specific enemies included by default, and an enemy type selectable in the Enemy Editor.

The Enemy

Enemy: Moldorm
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Old Tiles: 57
Width: 1
Height: 0
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: 2800-2915
Width: 16
Height: 6
Weapon: N/A
Type: Moldorm
Old Tile Animation: None
New Tile Animation None
Item Set: None
HP: 4
Damage: 2
Weapon Damage: N/A
Hunger: N/A
Random Rate: 1
Halt Rate: N/A
Homing Factor: N/A
Step Speed: 50
CSet: 8
Old Animation Frame Rate: 32
New Animation Frame Rate: 32
Enemy Class Attributes: Segments: 5
Sound Effects: Death: 15- Boss is hit
Misc Flags: Never Returns After Death
Defenses: None
Spawn Flags:
A worm-like creature that is made up of 5 segments. Each segment has 4 HP and can instantly be killed by any weapon whose power is at least 2. It moves slowly and is an easy target to bombs. It only deals a damage of 1/2 heart. In the official Fourth Quest, there are blue, dark red, and level color varieties that are faster, start with more than five segments, have more HP per segment and do more damage.

Enemy Properties

  • Segments: The number of segments the enemy starts with
  • Item per segment: If yes, then each segment killed drops items. If no, then the enemy only drops an item when all of its segments are destroyed.