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Projectile shooters are both enemies included by default and an enemy type selectable in the enemy editor. There are seven different different projectile shooters; fireball, flame, flame2, rock, arrow, sword, and magic, each of which fires its specified projectile.

Enemy Properties

Shot Type
See Walking Enemy for details.
Shot Attribute 1
If shot type is summon, the ID of the enemy to summon
Shot Attribute 2
If shot type is summon, the maximum number of enemies that can be summoned at one time.

Other Notes

  • Any Projectile Shooter type enemy whose tile is set to 0 is rendered invincible regardless of defenses, but it cannot hurt Link physically.
  • Projectile Shooters always return regardless of the 'Enemies Always Return' Quest Rule or the 'Enemies Always Return' Screen Flag.
  • Projectile Shooters are not counted as beatable enemies regardless of the 'Doesn't Count As Beatable Enemy' flag, but can still be killed by things that kill all enemies unless the flag is checked or the enemy's tile is set to 0.
  • The following shot types should not be used with this enemy type, due to similarities with 1 shot:
1 (End-Halt)
  • The boomerang weapon is not compatible with this enemy type.
  • The breath shot type for this enemy class matches with that of the L3 Octoroks.