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A quest rule is a miscellaneous, global quest setting that determines how a quest plays in Zelda Classic.

Each rule is a switch--it can be turned on or off, but not have additional values applied. In general, when a switch is left inactive, the quest will play similarly to the original NES Legend of Zelda, while active switches will allow the quest to deviate from the game. Some rules serve as fixes to bugs that were in the original game, some are included for purposes of compatibility with older versions of Zelda Classic, some address aesthetic issues, and others introduce entirely new behaviors.

The Quest Rules menu can be accessed through Quest->Rules. Note that in later beta builds the rules are further divided into the following categories: Animation, Combos, Items, Enemies, NES Fixes, Other, and Compatibility (as of 2.50.1 RC1).

2.50 Rules List

This is the rules list for ZQuest Version 2.50.

  • Each rule has its function briefly described.
  • While rules from past versions may have had their names changed or been removed, the rules list has kept the same order of the rules within for all versions, even if they have been placed on different pages.
  • For your convenience, 2.10 rule names, if different, have been placed after a slash proceeding the 2.50 name.


BS-Zelda Animation
Alters the animation of some weapons, like the boomerang. In versions prior to 2.5, this rule changes the number of Link's frames to three, redefining his tile positions. In 2.5, this behavior has been suppressed by the Link sprite dialog box, which allows one to select Link's tiles and animation (which includes Zelda 1, BS Zelda, and Zelda 3 style animations).
Interpolated Fading
Dark rooms no longer refer to the level palette to determine the colors in between their light state and dark state. The colors are instead automatically generated. The freed up space in the level palettes can now be used to implement palette cycling. A second CSet 2 row will also appear in the palette editor. Colors filled in here determine what colors in CSet 2 appear slightly when the room is completely dark.
Fade CSet 5
Dark rooms, fading between DMaps with different palettes, and other actions that darken the normal level csets will also affect CSet 5 with this rule.
Fast Dungeon Scrolling
Scrolling between screens in Dungeon DMaps is sped up approximately 5 times.
Circle Opening/Closing Wipes / Cool Scrolling
Instead of the left and right sides of the screen closing inward when warping, a circle with center at the point of the warp rapidly shrinks until the screen is black.
Oval Opening/Closing Wipes
Instead of the left and right sides of the screen closing inward when warping, an oval with center at the point of the warp rapidly shrinks until the screen is black.
Triangle Opening/Closing Wipes
Instead of the left and right sides of the screen closing inward when warping, a triangle with center at the point of the warp rapidly shrinks until the screen is black.
Super Mario All-Stars Opening/Closing Wipes
Instead of the left and right sides of the screen closing inward when warping, a diamond with center at the point of the warp rapidly shrinks until the screen is black.

NOTE: If more than one of these opening/closing wipes rules is checked, then wipes will be chosen at random.

No Screen Scrolling
When Link enters a different screen, Zelda Classic jump-cuts to the destination screen instead of smoothly scrolling between them. The advantage of this is that the designer is less obliged to make the adjacent combos of each screen transition into each other.
Expanded Link Tile Modifiers/Full Link Tile Modifiers
If this rule is checked, when Link picks up an item with a Link Tile Modifier, all of his sprites will be moved down the tile page by the specified amount, rather than just his walking animation tiles.
Invincible Link Flickers
Getting a Clock, or taking damage, made Link flash through different CSets. With this checked, he instead flickers. (Appears and disappears)
Items Held Above Link's Head Continue to Animate/Animate Held Items
Fixed the bug where items would stop animating when holding them in the air.
Bomb Explosions Don't Flash Palette/No Bomb Palette Flash
The entire screen will not flash when a Bomb explodes.
Layers 1 And 2 Are Drawn Under Caves
"Caves" refers to "Cave (Walk Down)" and "Cave (Walk Up)" combos. If this rule is checked, Link will be drawn above layers 1 and 2 when he walks down or up a Cave combo.
FFCs are Visible While The Screen Is Scrolling
FFCs will scroll with other sprites when Link transitions between two screens.
Smooth Vertical Scrolling
The screen scrolls smoothly vertically instead of half-tile by half-tile as the original did due to an NES limitation.


Push Blocks Don't Move When Bumped/Hesitant Push Blocks
Link must push blocks for 1 second before they will move. This is designed to prevent accidental pushing of blocks.
Link Drowns in Walkable Water
Just like in the Oracle games, if Link lacks the flippers, he will sink, take damage, and respawn at the exact location where he entered the screen. This requires that Water combos are not solid or unwalkable.
Smart Screen Scrolling
Prevents Link from walking into an unwalkable combo from another screen. Can be a bit buggy.
Can't Push Blocks Onto Unwalkable Tiles/Solid Blocks
Pushable blocks cannot be pushed onto combos that are unwalkable.
Burn Flags Are Triggered Instantly
Rather than wait for a flame to animate and disappear before the flag is triggered, the flag is triggered as soon as the Flame touches the combo. This also allows fiery Wand magic to trigger "Burn 3 (Wand)" flags without having to burst into flames first.
Magic Mirror/Prism Combos Reflect Sword Beams
The Magic Mirrors and Prisms do the same to Sword Beams that they do to Magic.
Magic Mirrors Reflect Whistle Whirlwinds
With this rule checked, any Magic Mirror combos will reflect the Whistle's Whirlwind as well as Magic cast with the Wand and by Wizzrobes.
Combo Cycling On Layers
Allows combo cycling to function on layers other than Layer 0.
Full Priority Damage Combos
In the case of Link colliding with overlapping damage combos, the most damaging damage combo takes priority.
Warps Ignore Arrival X/Y Position When Setting Continue Screen
This rule affects whether Scrolling Warps or Entrance/Exit warps set Link's continue point if the Warp Return is in the upper-left corner of the screen, and exists primarily for backwards-compatability with older versions of ZC. You will probably want this off.
Use Warp Return Points Only
If this rule is enabled, Zelda Classic will ignore the green continue marker and use the blue Warp A, Warp B, Warp C, and Warp D markers when warping. In this case, the Warp A marker also acts as the continue marker (for instance, when you specify the continue here point in a DMap). If this rule is disabled, Zelda Classic uses the green continue marker to determine where Link appears on a screen when he warps to it; the blue warp markers are ignored. Also see the "Use old-style warp detection" rule.
Use Old-Style Warp Detection
This rule affects how Link collides with warp combos using NES movement, and exists solely for backwards-compatability with older versions of ZC. You will most probably want it to be off.
Damage Combos Work on Layers 1 and 2
With this rule checked, damage combos that are placed on layers 1 and 2 will hurt Link.
Hookshot Grab Combos Work on Layers 1 and 2
With this rule checked, Link can use the hookshot to grapple onto Hookshot Grab combos that are placed on layers 1 and 2.
Scrolling Warps Don't Set The Continue Point
In older versions of Zelda Classic, when Link passed through a scrolling warp, the continue point was set to the screen he arrived on. This was an intended feature, but a little known one that many people mistook for a bug. This rule disables it.


Link's Bombs Hurt Link/Bombs Hurt
Causes bombs to hurt Link, much like in later Zelda games. By default, Bombs will deal 2 hearts of damage to Link and Super Bombs will deal 8 hearts of damage to Link.
Enable Magic
Items such as the Lens of Truth will be made to use magic instead of rupees.
Medicine Doesn't Remove Sword Jinxes/Non-Bubble Medicine
Using a blue potion or red potion will not restore the player's use of the A or B button if they were taken away by a red bubble or red item bubble.
Fairies Don't Remove Sword Jinxes/Non-Bubble Fairies
Grabbing a fairy will not restore the player's use of the A or B button if they were taken away by a red bubble or red item bubble.
New Boomerang/Hookshot
The Boomerang and Hookshot physically drag items they hit towards Link, as in later Zelda games, and can also be used to block enemy projectiles. Note that arrows cannot grab items with this rule turned on.
True Arrows
Causes the number of arrows to be stored in a separate counter. This rule must be checked in order for Quivers and the More Arrows Room Type to work.
No Diving
Link can't dive underwater.
Dark Rooms Stay Lit Only While Fire Is On Screen
Self explanatory. Rooms will revert to the state they were in before Link used a Fire-generating item in the room.
Link Isn't Hurt By Own Fire Weapons/Own Fire Doesn't Hurt
The flames created from the Blue Candle, Red Candle, or Wand and Magic Book will not hurt Link, like in ALttP.
Rings Affect Damage Combos
This rule will cause the strength of a damage combo to be lessened by the damage factor of the ring, in effect making it like the damage taken from an enemy. With it off, damage combos will always remove the specified number of hearts, regardless of the ring.
Quick Sword
The sword can be swung again before its animation is finished. Also works with the wand.
Flip Right-Facing Slash
With this checked, Link can slash in all 4 Diagonal Directions.
Wand Can't Be Used As Melee Weapon
You can not use the Wand itself to damage enemies.
Melee Weapons Can't Pick Up Items/No Melee Weapon Grabbing
Items such as the sword will not grab rupees or hearts dropped by enemies that they touch.
Boomerang/Hookshot Grabs All Items
The Boomerang and Hookshot can grab screen items and special items, not just enemy item drops.
'Hearts Required' Affects Non-Special Items
With this rule checked, items not in special guy rooms that require a certain number of hearts cannot be picked up unless Link has the required number of hearts.
Big Triforce Pieces
The number of Triforce pieces needed is halved. See Level 9 Entrance.
3 or 6 Triforce Total
The number of Triforce pieces needed is reduced from 8 to 6. If Big Triforce Pieces is also turned on, it is reduced from 4 to 3. See Level 9 Entrance.
Slow Walk While Charging
Link walks slowly while charging his sword for a spin attack.
Show Secret Combo Hints When Using the Lens/Show Lens Hints
The sprite for the item that can activate a secret combo shown by the Lens of Truth will be displayed, instead of just the combos themselves.
Lens Shows Raft Paths
The Lens of Truth reveals rafting routes.
Lens Reveals Invisible Enemies
Normally the Amulet reveals invisible enemies. With this checked, you can use the Lens of Truth to do the same, regardless of the amulet.
Triforce Doesn't Remove Sword Jinxes/Non-Bubble Triforce
Getting a Triforce piece will not restore the player's use of the A or B button if they were taken away by a red bubble or red item bubble.
Things That Remove Sword Jinxes Also Remove Item Jinxes
With this rule turned on, any item that removes a jinx from a sword bubble also removes a jinx from an item bubble.


Use New Enemy Tiles/New Enemy Tiles
Enemies use their E. Tiles and E. Animations for animation instead of their O. Tiles and O. Animations. The Old Tiles are, by default, concise two-frame or one-frame sets of tiles on tile page 0, whereas the New Tiles are four-frame sets starting on page 6. A larger number of tiles can be defined for each enemy, opening up more graphical possibilities.
Show Shadows
Some enemies, such as Tektites, Peahats, or Keese, will have shadows underneath them. The graphic of the shadow can be defined in the Sprites/Misc. menu item.
Translucent Shadows
The shadows shown under enemies will be partially transparent. See Show Shadows.
Shadows Flicker
The shadows shown under enemies will blink. See Show Shadows.
Enemies Jump/Fly Through Z-Axis
With the implementation of the Roc's Feather, a Z-axis or height parameter had to be added. With this rule checked, jumping and flying enemies will move through the Z-axis instead of the Y-axis. Peahats are slightly easier to defeat, and Pols Voice enemies in the air won't collide with Link on the ground.
Hide Enemy-Carried Items
Hides items carried by enemies, and fixes the bug where getting hit by an enemy would give you their item.
Enemies Always Return
Enemies now return much faster. Killing all but one will not cause only one to appear on that screen, and all the enemies may reappear after exiting and immediately reentering the screen.
Temporary No Return Disabled
Fixes a bug in The Legend of Zelda where some enemies would not return when they were supposed to. In the NES game, Lanmolas stay dead until you exit the dungeon. Also, if you defeat every enemy in a room that has traps, they stay dead until you exit the dungeon. This rule disables this behavior.
Must Kill All Bosses To Set 'No Return' Screen State/Must Kill All Bosses
Fixes the bug where killing one enemy on a screen where the boss flag is set and then continuing will kill all enemies on that screen.
Multi-Directional Traps
Center traps may now strike in other directions, not just toward the center of the screen. NOTE: With this rule turned off, all line-of-sight traps will ignore walkability regardless of the screen flag 'Traps Ignore Walkability'.
Line-Of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen/Mean Placed Traps
Line-of-Sight Traps placed by flags can move across the entire screen if unobstructed. If left unchecked, they will only move about the distance covered by 4 combos. Note that Line-Of-Sight Traps will ignore walkability and the invisible border unless the 'Multi-Directional Traps' rule is also turned on.
Constant Traps Can Pass Through Enemies/Phantom Placed Traps
Constant Traps placed by flags will not bounce if they hit each other or an enemy.
Flying Enemies Can Appear on Unwalkable Combos/Fliers Can Appear on Walls
Flying enemies, such as Peahats or Keese, can appear on unwalkable combos.
Broken Enemy Shield Tiles
New sprites will be substituted for the normal shielded enemy tiles when its shield is broken (requires New Enemy Tiles).
Enemies Don't Flash When Dying
The death sprite used by enemies does not flash different csets.
Enemies Flicker When Hit
When hit by one of Link's weapons, enemies flicker instead of flashing different csets.

NES Fixes

Freeform Dungeons
Removes the overhead border around screens in dungeon DMaps and the restriction of not being able to walk parallel to an edge of the screen you're close to. This doesn't remove the automatic walking of 2 combo lengths into each screen. Cave DMaps must be used to eliminate this.
Can Safely Trigger Armos/Grave From The South
Link can touch a Grave or Armos from the south end, without taking damage.
Can Use Items/Weapons on Edge of Screen
Unchecked, Link cannot use any items if he is less than 2 combos away from the edge of the screen.
Fix Link's Position in Dungeons
Link's position in Dungeon DMaps was shown to be slightly higher than it actually was in the original Legend of Zelda. Checking this rule fixes that.
Raft/Ladder Fix
The raft and ladders will have their sprites rotated 90 degrees when used in a horizontal motion.
No Palette 3 CSet 6 Fix/No Level 3 CSet Fix
When entering a DMap with a Level number of 3, no changes occur to CSet 6. This fixes the simulation of a bug in The Legend of Zelda.
Holding Up Items Doesn't Restart Music
In The Legend of Zelda, holding up an item causes the music to stop, and then start again. This rule disables this behavior.
Leaving Item Cellar/Passageway Doesn't Restart Music
In The Legend of Zelda, when Link left a screen 80 or 81 item or passage room, the music would be reset. This rule stops the reset from happening.
Tunic Color Can Change On Overworld
When Link is given a ring through a script, his color will change immediately.
Sword/Wand Flip Fix
Makes the weapon sprites flip when you swing them the opposite way so you can line them up with Link's hand.
Push Block CSet Fix
In the Legend Of Zelda, moving push blocks in NES Dungeons are visible even in darkness. Presumably this is because they are set to CSet 9. This rule fixes that.
Trap Position Fix
Fixes the position of Trap enemies.
No Invisible Border On Non-Dungeon DMaps
With this rule checked, enemies and enemy projectiles can step onto the edges of the screen on Non-Dungeon DMaps, where Link would be safe with this rule turned off.
Items Disappear During Hold-Up
When Link holds up an item, all other items on the screen disappear.
Subscreen Appears Above Sprites
In The Legend of Zelda, it is possible for Tektites and other creatures to momentarily jump into the passive subscreen region, where their sprites were drawn above it. This rule gives the passive subscreen priority over enemies.
Correct Bomb/Darknut Interaction
Normally, a shielded walking enemy will 'block' a bomb's explosion if the bomb's placement direction (that is, the direction Link was facing when he placed the bomb) is counter to the enemy's shield. This rule fixes this behavior.
Correct Offset Enemy Weapon Collision Detection
Enemy weapons' collision boxes are correctly offset.
Special Items Don't Appear In Passageways
This rule fixes a bug in the Zelda 1 Hack 'Zelda Challenge- The Outlands', in which a special item appears on the screen used for passageway warps if a screen with a passageway warp set has the special item room type set.
No NES Sprite Flicker/No Sprite Flicker
Fixes the bug where sprites on the same row would flicker to overcome an NES limitation.
Invincible Link Isn't Hurt By Own Fire Weapons
The flames created from the Blue Candle, Red Candle, or Wand and Magic Book will not hurt Link while he is invincible.
Link Holds Special Bombs Over His Head/Bomb Hold Fix
In The Legend of Zelda, Link will never hold the Bomb item over his head. This rule fixes that.
No Position Offset For Screen Items
In The Legend of Zelda, screen items are placed a few pixels lower than normal. This rule fixes that.
Allow Ladder Anywhere
Normally, the ladder cannot be used on non-dungeon DMaps unless the 'Toggle Allow Ladder' flag is turned on. This rule fixes that.


More Sound Effects
When this rule is checked, the following events will be accompanied with certain sound effects:
  • Octoroks shooting Magic weapons
  • Constant-moving Traps reversing direction
  • Summoners summoning enemies (note: if rule is off, this will play SFX_FIRE instead)
  • Pounding shallow water combos with the Hammer
  • Slashing Tall Grass, Flowers or Bush combos.
  • Pounding a Pound combo
  • Spell rockets rising and falling
  • Din's Fire flame ring expanding
  • Using the Nayru's Love shield
  • Using the Lens of Truth
  • Using Farore's Wind
  • Pushing a "Push" combo
  • Whistle whirlwinds moving across the screen
  • Enemy fireballs being shot
  • Enemy rocks being shot
  • Enemy boomerangs flying
Can Select A Button Weapon on Subscreen
The sword is no longer the permanent A-Button Item, and you can select items, as in Link's Awakening. All items on the subscreen will remain in their same positions, so the subscreen must be edited to include the sword if this rule is checked.
Fast Heart Refill
When a fairy flag is touched, or when a Triforce piece is obtained, the refilling of hearts is about 3 times faster than it was in The Legend of Zelda (similar to ALttP).
Enable 1/4 Heart Life Bar
Enables the life bar to display quarter-heart quantities of life, not just halves. In this case, if Link loses even 1/4 of a heart, he will not be able to fire a beam from his sword.
Messages Can Be Sped Up With The A Button/Allow Fast Messages
Messages display at triple speed when you hold A.
Messages Can Be Bypassed With The B Button
When a string appears on the screen, if the player presses the 'B' button, it will then dissapear.
Messages Freeze All Action
While a message string appears, ALL action is frozen, including animations.
Messages Disappear
The Text from a Message String Disappears after it has finished by pressing the A button. This DOES remove the invisible 5 combo tall wall that prevents Link from accessing the upper half of the room, unless the room type is Feed the Goriya.
Show Time on Subscreen
The time spent playing the quest will now be displayed on the subscreen.
Healing Fairy Heart Circle Is Centered Around Link/Heart Ring Fix
The heart circle that is displayed when a fairy flag is touched will be centered around Link's position, instead of the center of the screen.
No Healing Fairy Heart Circle/No Heart Ring
The heart circle that is displayed when a fairy flag is touched will not appear.
No Saving When Continuing
With this ruled checked, the save option will not be available on the continue screen.
Skip Continue Screen
When Link dies, and the game is over, or the player selects the option to quit the game via the menu, Zelda Classic will return to the file select screen without offering the player the ability to continue. As of 2.50.1 RC 2, the player can no longer use F6 to quit the game when this rule is enabled
No Fires in Special Rooms/No Guy Room Fires
The fire graphics in rooms with guys will not be displayed.
Special Room Guys Don't Create A Puff When Appearing
Guys in the room type "Special Item" don't puff into existence.
Log Game Events To Allegro.log
All of the special event logging is tied to this rule. It's a helpful rule for debugging, but it should be turned off if you don't want players to be able to peek behind the curtain, so to speak.
Log Script Errors To Allegro.log
Traces things like trying to use invalid NPCs, out of bounds arrays etc. separately to the 'Log Game Events To Allegro.log' rule.
Draining Rupees Can Still Be Spent
With this rule checked, Link can buy items with rupees that are being drained.

Compatibility (2.50.1 only)

These quest rules are for backwards compatibility for quests made in older versions. For those quests, these rules are enabled automatically. These rules should not be enabled manually, as doing so may cause unexpected behavior.

Old GOTOLESS Behavior
In early 2.50 builds, ZASM's GOTOLESS acts as "goto if less or equal" rather than "goto if less."
Old Lens Drawing Order
In 2.10, some secrets revealed by the lens are drawn on a different layer than they normally are in 2.50. Without this rule, combos on layers might incorrectly cover up what the lens shows.
No Fairy Guy Fires
In 2.10 and lower, fires do not appear in guy rooms with a fairy guy, and the message string and invisible barrier have no functionality.
Continuous Step Triggers
Step->Secrets combos activate repeatedly as long as Link stands on them.
Downward Hookshot Bug
In 2.10 and lower, the Hookshot can pass downward through solid combos.
Fix Open Door Solidity
In 2.10, solid combos in open doorways are ignored.
No Solid Damage Combos
In 2.10 and lower, solid damage combos do not hurt Link.
Old Hookshot Grab Checking
With this rule on, the Hookshot Grab hit box is in the bottom half of the combo, but with the rule off, the hit box is in the top of the combo.
Peahats Are Vulnerable When Frozen By Clocks
In older versions, Peahats could be damaged when frozen by a clock picked up by Link. With this rule off, Peahats are invincible when frozen by clocks unless they had already stopped when the clock was picked up.

Obsolete Rules List

The functionality of each of these rules has been delegated to the Item Editor, the Enemy Editor, the DMap Editor, the Init Data, or the Item Drop Set Editor.

24 Heart Containers [removed for v2.50]
The maximum amount of Heart Containers is increased from 16 to 24. Obsoleted by the item editor.
Dodongo CSet Fix [removed for v2.50]
Dodongos will use an Extra Sprite Palette CSet (the same one as Digdoggers) instead of CSet 8. This is one of the few rules that must be checked for standard Legend of Zelda play. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Start With 999 Rupees [removed for v2.50]
Somewhat of a misnomer. Obsoleted by Init data, this causes the player to start with the large wallet in effect, giving them a maximum of 999 rupees. This does not actually give them 999 rupees to start with.
View Overworld Map [removed for v2.50]
If the Map key, an additional control not in The Legend of Zelda, is pressed while on an Overworld DMap, it causes visited screens to appear on a large map, making it easier to find out where one is going and where one has not gone. Obsoleted by the DMap Editor which allows one to change the setting per DMap instead of globally.
Continue With Full Life [removed for v2.50]
When starting the quest, selecting quit and continue, or dying, the player will have all of his hearts filled, instead of the usual 3. Obsoleted by Initialization Data.
Silver Arrow Sparkles [removed for v2.50]
Causes the "Silver Arrow Sparkles" sprite to appear over the silver arrow when shot (set in Sprites/Misc). Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Golden Arrow Sparkles [removed for v2.50]
Same, except using the "Golden Arrow Sparkles" sprite over the golden arrow instead (set in Sprites/Misc). Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Magic Boomerang Sparkles [removed for v2.50]
Causes the "Magic Boomerang Sparkles" sprite to 4 tiles behind the magic boomerang when thrown (set in Sprites/Misc). Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Fire Boomerang Sparkles [removed for v2.50]
Same, except with the "Fire Boomerang Sparkles" sprite and the fire boomerang (Set in Sprites/Misc). Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Can Keep Old Items [removed for v2.50]
If Link loses an upgraded version of an Item, rather than losing that item permanently, Link will retain the Item 1 level lower than the Item he lost. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Temporary Clocks [removed for v2.50]
A clock's effect will only last for roughly 5 seconds. If left unchecked, it lasts until Link leaves the screen. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Wand Uses Magic [removed for v2.50]
The wand will deplete magic when used. The magic book does not affect the consumption. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Candle Uses Magic [removed for v2.50]
The blue candle or red candle will deplete magic when used. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Boots Use Magic [removed for v2.50]
If the player steps on a damage combo while he possesses the boots, he normally does not take damage. With this rule checked, the player requires magic to sustain the effect of boots. The amount of magic that the boots consume is high. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
No Potion Combining [removed for v2.50]
If a blue potion is obtained while the player possesses a blue potion, it will not become a red potion. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Trans. N. Love Rocket [removed for v2.50]
The Projectiles fired from either side of Link when Nayru's Love is activated become translucent. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
N. Love Rocket Flickers [removed for v2.50]
Lets the spell Nayru's Love trail flicker or becomes translucent. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Enemies Don't Randomly Drop Clocks/No Random Clocks [removed for v2.50]
Enemies will not randomly drop clocks. Obsoleted by the Item Drop Set Editor found on the Misc Data Menu.
Rope 2 Doesn't Flash/No Rope 2 Flashing [removed for v2.50]
Rope 2s use CSet 9. If left unchecked, they flash between CSets 6, 7, 8, and 9. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Bubbles Don't Flash/No Bubble Flashing [removed for v2.50]
Bubbles and Item Bubbles use CSet 9. If left unchecked, they flash between CSets 6, 7, 8, and 9. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Ghini 2 Flickers/Ghini 2 Flickering [removed for v2.50]
Ghini 2s will blink. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Ghini 2 Is Transparent/Ghini 2 Translucency [removed for v2.50]
Ghini 2s will be partially transparent. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Transparent Nayru's Love Shield/Trans. N. Love Shield [removed for v2.50]
Makes the Shield Graphics of Nayru's Love transluscent. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Nayru's Love Shield Flickers/N. Love Shield Flickers [removed for v2.50]
Makes the Shield Graphics of Nayru's Love Flicker. Obsoleted by the Item Editor.
Allow 10 Rupee Drops [removed for v2.50]
Enemies can drop the 10 Rupee item as well as 5 and 1 rupees. Obsoleted by the Item Drop Set Editor found on the Misc Data Menu.
Slow Enemy Animation [removed for v2.50]
This rule was removed, as it had no significant purpose due to the fact that enemy animation can be adjusted in the Enemy Editor.
1.90-Style Tribbles [removed for v2.50]
In Zelda Classic 1.90, Gel Tribbles would grow up into Zols, and not Zol Tribbles, and Keese Tribbles would grow up into Vires, and not Vire Tribbles. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.
Darknut Shields Can Be Broken By The Hammer/Breakable Darknut Shields [removed for v2.50]
The hammer can break a Darknut's shield if Link and the Darknut are facing opposite directions when the hammer hits. This causes them to be vulnerable from all sides. Obsoleted by the Enemy Editor.

Scrapped Quest Rules

These quest rules were never implemented and have since been removed.

Walk-Affected Combos Are Linked Together/Linked Combos [removed for v2.50]
This rule was removed as it had no function.
Weapon Animation Fix [removed for v2.50.1]
This rule was supposed to allow weapons to be fully animated in all 4 directions instead of only being able to be 1 frame. However, this rule was never implemented and was removed in 2.50.1 RC1.