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Traps are both specific enemies included by default, and an enemy type selectable within the Enemy Editor.

The Enemy

Moving blades that slide across the screen. There are five types, 4-way, horizontal (which comes in Line-of-Sight and Constant varieties), and vertical (which also comes in Line-of-Sight and Constant varieties). Line-of-Sight varieties attack when Link is in their Line of Sight, while Constant varieties move back and forth, bouncing off of solid combos and other enemies, though they pass through other enemies if a certain quest rule is turned on.

Specific Information

Enemies: Trap (Line-Of-Sight) and Trap (Constant)
In The Legend of Zelda: 4-Way: Yes
All others: No
Old Tiles: 122
Width: 1
Height: 0
Special Tiles: 2020 - 2055 (4-Way only)
Width: 0
Height: 0
New Tiles: 2000 - 2055 (4-Way)
2080 - 2095 (HLOS)
2060-2075 (VLOS)
2120 - 2135 (HC)
2100-2115 (VS)
Width: 16
4-Way: 3
All others: 1
Weapon: N/A
Type: Trap
Old Tile Animation: None
New Tile Animation 4-Frame 4-Direction
Item Set: N/A
HP: 2
Damage: 4
Weapon Damage: N/A
Hunger: N/A
Random Rate: N/A
Halt Rate: N/A
Homing Factor: N/A
Step Speed: N/A
CSet: 7
Old Animation Frame Rate: 16
New Animation Frame Rate: 16
Enemy Class Attributes: Direction:
4-Way: 4-Way
HLOS and HC: Horizontal
VLOS and VC: Vertical
Move Style:
4-Way, HLOS, and VLOS: Line Of Sight
HC and VC: Constant
Sound Effects: N/A
Misc Flags: Doesn't Count As Beatable Enemy
Defenses: N/A
Spawn Flags: 4-Way: Spawned by "Corner Traps" Enemy Flag, Spawned by "Middle Traps" Enemy Flag, Spawned by "4-Way Trap" Combo Type/Flag
HLOS: Spawned by "Horz Trap" Combo Type/Flag
VLOS: Spawned By "Vert Trap" Combo Type/Flag
HC: Spawned by "LR Trap" Combo Type/Flag
VC: Spawned By "UD Trap" Combo Type/Flag
The objective of these blade traps is to run into Link. They cannot be defeated, and thus must be avoided at all costs. Line of Sight varieties attack Link if he walks in front of them, while Constant varieties bounce back and forth.

Enemy Properties

Type: Specifies the trap type

  • Line-of-Sight: Moves when Link is lined up with the trap.
  • Constant: Moves continuously

Direction: Specifies the direction of the trap, see below.

  • 4-Way: Can move in all 4 cardinal directions
  • Horizontal: Can move left and right
  • Vertical: Can move up and down

Other notes

  • Traps cannot be placed on the screen via the enemy placement dialog.
  • 4-Way Line-of-Sight Traps placed in corners are only permitted to move in two directions.
Top-Left- down or right
Top-Right- down or left
Bottom-Left- up or right
Bottom-Right- up or left
  • 4-Way Line-of-Sight Traps placed in the middle can only move left if on the right or right if on the left. But the 'Multi-Directional Traps' rule allows these traps to attack in all four cardinal directions.
  • Line-of-Sight Traps can pass through enemies.
  • Line-of-Sight Traps ignore walkability regardless of the screen flag 'Traps Ignore Walkability' unless the 'Multi-Directional Traps' Quest Rule is turned on.
  • If the 'Multi-Directional Traps' Rule is checked, Line-of-Sight Traps cannot pass through solid combos unless the 'Traps Ignore Walkability' Screen Flag is checked.
  • Normally, Line-of-Sight Traps can only move half-way across the screen. But if the rule 'Line-of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen' is checked, then they can move all the way across the screen.
  • If the rule 'Line-of-Sight Traps Can Move Across Entire Screen' is checked, Line-of-Sight Traps will also pass through invisible borders unless the 'Multi-Directional Traps' rule is also checked.
  • Constant Traps bounce off of enemies unless the rule 'Constant Traps Can Pass Through Enemies' is checked.
  • A 4-Way Constant Trap will randomly choose horizontal or vertical movement when spawned.