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ZASM is an ASM-like language consisting of a set of instructions that can manipulate freeform combos. FFCs have 8 data registers (defined as d0 to d7) and 2 address registers (defined as a1 and a2). Data registers can hold a decimal number of up to 4 places.

a1 and a2 are registers that hold a reference to another freeform combo (0-32). Using the SETA and LOAD instructions, you can manipulate the data of any other Freeform combo in the same room.

For each instruction, you will use up to 2 arguments. These arguments will either be one of the designates below or a hard value. The description of each argument is as follows:

ZASM Instructions

Main article: ZASM Language Reference


The format of each line in a script file is as follows:

[label] [spaces] SETV [spaces] d0, 0.45 [spaces] ; [comment] (everything after a ; is ignored)


Each line in the text file MUST have an instruction, no exceptions. The end of the script will automatically be a quit instruction.

To implement the scripts, go to the Tools menu in ZQuest and select Import FF Script. Select the script slot to upload the script to, then select the text file which containsthe script. If no errors are reported, the script has been loaded successfully. To use a script, just select the applicable script number in the FFC menu. 0 automatically means 'don't use script'