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Zoras are both specific enemies included by default, and an enemy type selectable in the Enemy Editor.

The Enemy

A fish-like creature that lives in water and shoots fireballs at Link.

Specific Information

Enemy: Zora
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Old Tiles: 112-113
Width: 2
Height: 0
Special Tiles: 96-97
Width: 2
Height: 0
New Tiles: 2460 - 2575
Width: 16
Height: 6
Weapon: Fireball
Type: Zora
Old Tile Animation: Zora (NES)
New Tile Animation Zora (4-Frame)
Item Set: Default
HP: 4
Damage: 2
Weapon Damage: 2
Hunger: N/A
Random Rate: N/A
Halt Rate: N/A
Homing Factor: N/A
Step Speed: N/A
CSet: 9
Old Animation Frame Rate: 256
New Animation Frame Rate: 256
Enemy Class Attributes: N/A
Sound Effects: Death: 10- Enemy dies
Misc Flags:
Defenses: None
Spawn Flags:
Zoras live in water, where they emerge to spit fireballs at intruders. Be aware that their HP is fully restored the moment they submerge and reappear elsewhere.

Other Notes

  • Any Zora type enemy whose tile is set to 0 is treated as an unused enemy.
  • Zoras always return regardless of the 'Enemies Always Return' Quest Rule and the 'Enemies Always Return' Screen Flag.
  • Zoras are not counted as beatable enemies regardless of the 'Doesn't Count As Beatable Enemy' flag, but can still be killed by things that kill all enemies unless this flag is checked.